Collaboration Platform With Infinity Traffic From YouTube For Your Goods And Services


business model designed specifically to help youtubers

monetize their video content and improve video qulity by ordering various services from our community (exclusively for CryptoYen).


Using a colaboration platform from CryptoYen, you can earn monay for oun crypto, get a team and investors for your future idea or project.

This project helping people to make an oun curency with oun highly security blockchaone and special fiture inside of the coin. It will cost 100.000 CryptoBang or 3 BTC.

백서 다운로드

Because we made a lot of changes to the blockchain on (05/27/2019)

코인 사양:

마스터 노드 조건: 2.500 YEN

마스터 노드 조건: 70% MN

마스터 노드 조건: 15% PoS

마스터 노드 조건: 15% YTM

블록 생성시간: 60초

성숙 시간: 60분

최대 코인 발행매수: 15.000.000매 YEN


블록 보수: 5 YEN

CryptoYen 사용에 기반하여 산출:
액셀을 참조

어떻게 Crypto Yen을 채굴 하는가

[ PoS  채굴 ]
각 블록의 15%가 PoS 채굴에 배분
[ You Tube  채굴 ]
각 블록의 15%가 YTM 풀에 배분
(You Tube  채굴 풀)
[ 마스터 노드 채굴 ]
각 블록의 70%가 마스터 노드에 배분

You Tube  채굴 concept

멋진 비디오를 만들어서 CryptoYen을 손에 넣읍시다
Cryptoyen youtube mining specifically designed for 2 things:

1. To help youtubers monetize their video content and improve video quality.
2. For people who want attract high quality network traffic from YouTube, for different purpose than just to mine CryptoYen. (Selling goods and services, spreading ideas , find friends with similar interests, offering your time as a professional (freelance), etc. )
How it work?

1. Chose the theme for your video.
2. Make a video and publish it on youtube or use the existing one!
3. Install CryptoYen wallet and get unique activation phrase.
4. Then activate YouTube video mining, by addding link under your video.

Thats it. From this point of time your video will mine for you CryptoYen, from each view.

But if you want to get some people who will come through this video, you will be interested in our platform, on which we currently working. We calling "collaboration platform".

Collaboration platform

The collaboration platform will serve as a medium to connect individuals from all over the world with a wide range of interests. We plan to allow many functions including the formation of groups with common interests, some freelancing opportunities, publishing articles and videos, and a marketplace where people can buy and sell goods and services to each other.


스테이지1 :

비지니스 구조 설계

🡆 소셜 마케팅
Github URL을 공개
트위터 개시
공식 Discord 개시
Bitcointalk  공지 개시
🡆 BetweenBlocks 공지 개시
Discord에서 에어드롭 개시
🡆 거래소 상장
🡆 masternodes.online에 게재
🡆 YouTube 채굴 개시
스테이지2 :

Collaboration platform

🡆 Demo version
🡆 Registration with Resume and Profile
🡆 Marketplace ecommerce function with CryptoYen html wallet
🡆 Subscription fee for guild/theme* using CryptoYen
🡆 Server to Publish information people can buy
🡆 Conection You Tube  채굴 to Platform
🡆 Buy or sell good or service on the platform
🡆 Free Landing page builder for Guild members. Trafic to this page will come from Youtube mining.

* Guild - association of 10–15 people of the same or similar professions or goals. Inside of CryptoYen project, this group of people have special benefits which help them find people tp sell them goods and services they are looking for. Or an option to share with them specific ideas.

Inside of the guild, you will have an ability to communicate with guild members in secure chats, and also selling goods with a potentially infinite source of traffic from youtube mining connection.

Team mebers



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CryptoYen wallet download

최신버전 v2.5.0